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Geographical position, natural conditions, socio-economic situation

Khuat Xa commune is a rural commune located in the northeastern part of Loc Binh district, situated approximately 10 kilometers away from the district center. It is traversed by provincial road 237. The total natural land area of the commune is 2,680 hectares. It shares its eastern border with Tinh Bac commune, western border with Tu Doan commune, southern border with San Vien and Tu Doan communes, and northern border with Yen Khoai and Tu Mich communes. The commune comprises a total of 9 hamlets, with a population of 1,241 households and 5,353 residents.

Within the commune, there are three ethnic groups (Tay, Nung, Kinh) coexisting harmoniously for a long time. They have a tradition of solidarity and mutual assistance in the development of the socio-economic and cultural aspects. The commune has a total of 21 public servants, 250 Party members, and 1,717 members of youth and social organizations.